When you think of hiring a garden party tent, you are possibly thinking of some dreary green canopy or, worse still, a dated-looking marquee.  But there is honestly no need. We are in the 21st century and your ideas on entertaining should be as well.

You Can Have Your Very Own Event

With a garden party tent, you can create your very own event.  What’s so impressive is you are left to your own devices with a garden party tent, as typically you will be hosting on your own property. This allows you to create the most exciting event that any of your friends or family have ever attended. You are tailoring the event to your specific personal tastes.

A Garden Party Tent Provides Protection Against The Elements

With our great British weather being so changeable, hiring a tent for your event, allows you and your guests to be safe and dry against bad weather. Heaters very quickly warm up the enclosure and, regardless of it snowing outside or there being torrential rain, you and your guests will be as comfortable as they could ever expect to be.


The impressive look of our large party tents gives an impressive wow factor to any event. As far as garden tents go, this one can be seen from far away and makes an awe-inspiring sight.  Up close, the changeable lighting and the jaw-dropping colours bring your event to life. A typical garden party tent doesn’t have the same look, feel, or impressive light features that our tents have built-in as standard.  We think no garden party should be dull, so all of our tents are really well.

NO HASSLE to setup and pick up the next day

When you hire a garden tent, you don’t have to worry about the setup, the storage of such a large piece of kit, or, of course, the taking down after your event.  Assuming you have partied hard, the last thing you will want to do the next day starts packing away this enormous structure. Our team installs this on the same day as your event and they come and pick it up before midday the following day.  It only takes 2 hours to install the tent, so that means we won’t need to be onsite days before the event. The whole process of hiring is entirely non-intrusive in your everyday life.

The garden party tent is PORTABLE

Probably the best thing about hiring a party garden tent is that it can go anywhere! If you want your next event at your mate’s house, or your parents’ house, perhaps all you need is to hire a field for a day. Where your venue is, is entirely your choice. We cover all of England, and all we need is power, and the tent will go up! If you don’t have electricity, then for an extra fee, we can organize a generator, so it truly is a case of the party popping up no matter where you are.

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