Welcome to Pop Up Parties UK


Welcome to Pop Up Parties UK

Welcome To Pop Up Parties Uk

Impress your friends with this new style of party entertaining.  Host a nightclub experience in your garden.  We hire all year round.  In the winter the tents can be heated, bringing extreme comfort to your particular party.

So whatever the occasion, anniversaries, weddings, prom, Halloween parties, Christmas parties, you name it, we do it.

All parties go off to a bang with this new fresh concept of hosting.  Your guests will be amazed by the stunning structure and blown away by its changing colour.  You can have them set on a fixed colour or evolving through a spectrum of colours.

If you are really into impressing your guests, then don’t hesitate to hire our 3d dance floor, with over 100 different combinations of lighting, including, music recognition to the beat of your tunes.

Hiring our sound system is a must if you don’t want the hassle of setting up your sound system. We can install a 4,000watt speaker, that hooks straight up to your airplay devices and acts as a Bluetooth speaker.

Alternatively, we work with DJ’s and Live artists, who provide the very best of talent, to make sure your party goes off with a bang.

We need a floor space of 8 metres by 10 metres, the height of our tents are unique and standing at 4 metres high, give a fantastic feeling of grandeur.

Give us a call so we can help plan the party of a lifetime.

The Popup Parties Team


Pop Up Party Tents: A New Way to Party in Luxury

Take your garden party to the next level with our pop up party tent rentals. Wow guests with their amazing design and colours. Choose from fixed colours or blow your guests away with a full spectrum of dazzling light. This fresh new concept for hosting parties will impress friends and offers a cool new way to entertain guests. Your very own nightclub experience from the comfort of your garden!

Services Overview

Pop Up Party Services


Services Overview

Pop Up Party Services


What Our Clients Say

"Had a great night and good experience - all my guests loved the pop up tent concept, and the staff at pop up parties could not be more friendly and professional"

Jo Rovina

"We had our wedding reception arranged out on a country estate with the popup parties crew and had a fantastic experience - they come highly recommended".

Adam Dowe

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