Looking for somewhere to hold your private event can be extremely daunting.

Firstly you have to work out a central location for all your guests. Typically, luck is not on your side either, as finding a venue that is central to everyone becomes an almost impossible task. The frustrating part is usually you are located centrally to most of your guests, but venues are not.

Finding a venue near you doesn’t always bring you the results you want, either. The old church hall is not really as fitting for your big event as you had planned; neither is the local community centre. The room above the pub or the back of the restaurant is beautiful, but you are forced to pay their pub or restaurant prices, of course.  Then, finally, you find a suitable venue, only to discover that you have to be out by 11 pm and have to pay a cover charge per person! So, we say finding a venue can be a lot more stressful than most people think.

One fantastic way to avoid all this is to use your very own venue!

If you have the space in your back garden, then organise a large tent hire.

Big tents are all the rage at the moment, with many different options available.  Festival living, and the relaxed atmosphere that outdoor parties can bring, has started to become the first choice for party lovers. They are creating their very own festivals in their own backyards!  With a big tent, you are at the mercy of only having to find enough people to fill it.

The benefits compared to traditional venues with a large tent hire are magnificent.

For starters, you should already love its location, because it’s where you live! You should find getting guests to your large tent hire event very easy, again because it’s where you live. So no expensive taxis to take you home, no one missing out on the fun, as we assume you will let them stay the night afterwards, so no need for them to drive.  All your guests at a place you love, all comfortable and settled for the evening, out to enjoy your special event!

The cost savings are incredible.

You don’t have to pay bar prices, which depending on the size of your event, could quickly run into thousands.  No need for expensive catering supplied by the function hall or venue you would typically use. You just order food instead, at a fraction of the cost. If you had just 80 guests and spent £50 per head (pub prices), that’s £4,000 on food and drink alone, and that’s before you even look at the venue costs and decorations, typically £1,500, for a primary venue with great lighting.

Compare this to our big tent, with prices starting from £995; you would have plenty left over in your budget.  No need to decorate our tent either, as it’s breathtaking as it is, in height and structure. It certainly wins all the most impressive party awards. With the inbuilt lights flared into a spectrum of colours; there is nothing that looks better!

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