Dance floor rental in the UK can be quite bland as there doesn’t appear to be much choice in the market.  If you are interested in dull, black and white dance floors, then there are plenty of options. If you are looking for something that sparkles a bit, then there are, undoubtedly, only a few suppliers in the market that can help with that.

If you absolutely want to wow your guests, with the most stunning dance floor rental you can think of, then there is only one company available to provide you with what you need.

Pop up parties have the most amazing black glass dance floor.

Our standard size holds up to 30 dancers, which is plenty for 100 guests. Its sleek black mirror dance floor is stunning. It’s a jet black dance floor with mirrored tempered glass that brings your event to life.

But when it’s time to party, switch on the dance floor and watch the whole venue come alive.  This disco dance floor, with its 3D side video effects, is unique to the UK. Its multicolour LED capabilities are breathtaking.  They light up your event with an array of colours.

With a choice of colours, you can set the dance floor to colour match your theme, or perhaps your wedding colours.  You can also choose the disco dance floor version, which changes to the beat of your music.

Perhaps you want the VIP treatment and wish to have the whole party pop up for you?

Why bother preparing for a party when someone can do it for you! Surely you want to spend your day making yourself look fantastic and put the finishing touches to your hair and makeup while enjoying a glass of bubbly. Leave the rest to us!

We can hire out white carpet (looks fantastic), or grey and red.

We can provide VIP seating areas that will add that touch of class to your event.

We can provide a resident DJ who specialises in Old Skool Garage genre. Or we have other DJ’s to suit your preference.   They come with their own PA system and extra lighting. They just need some power and then it’s away they go.

You may prefer something a little more low key, in which case, we can provide you with a 4,000 watt speaker. It’s a Devialet Gold Phantom Premier Bluetooth Wi-Fi Speaker, Opera de Paris Edition, which hooks up to your Wi-Fi, to provide you with an amazing Bluetooth speaker, enabling you to choose your favourite playlist. You simply hit play!

Depending on your tastes, we have a tropical bar for hire in which you can wow your guests with fabulous cocktails, blowing their mind with the whole experience.

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