Be the talk of your neighbourhood amongst all your friends, host the best party in the world!

Don’t spend thousands of pounds on a typical marquee party tent.

If you hire a pop-up tent from pop-up parties, this will help keep the costs down, as we are cheaper than typical marquee hire. This leaves much of your budget available for lots of free drinks and fantastic food for all of your guests.

A party marquee is not always as easy as it sounds.

Many marquee companies are geared towards multiple events, whereas pop-up parties like ours, although catering for many different occasions, totally nail a party for your garden party.

As with a typical garden marquees tent, we provide all you would need, as well as hire of tables and chairs.

We will never leave you out in the cold as we can organise a heater for the colder months.  Each tent comes with inbuilt lighting, but we can add more light if needed.

Flooring needs to be considered, and there’s plenty of choice.  A lot of people are comfortable with a free-standing tent and don’t require any flooring at all (especially in summer months).

For those people wanting a more luxurious feel, we offer a wide choice of flooring options, with our beautiful white carpet for that extra special event, red carpet for those absolute statement events and dark grey carpet for the sleek modern look.

Perhaps you wish to go all out and include our 3d video sd dance floor, which produces a spectrum of colours. It can either change on its own, remain static or change to the beat of the music.  The choice is entirely yours, or you can even colour code the dance floor to your chosen colour theme.

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