Inflatable tents continue to gain popularity. The massive structure of a Inflatable tent is excellent for parties, the most popular being big birthdays and weddings.

People tend to consider hiring a Inflatable tent, as they want something outdoors and want to be that tiny bit different for their big event.

They are looking to alternatives for hosting their function and need something that can provide them with the space they need.

They certainly do have a wow factor about them as the native American structures have a lovely authentic feel about them.

But with anything that gains popularity, you lose the exclusivity and uniqueness lots of us want when we are throwing our big event.  We all want to stand out from the crowd and have that something a little different, right?

You want the best party, of course. You no doubt want your guests to have the time of their lives, and you want them to feel comfortable enough in a big space.  So attention must go into decoration a lot more than with a blank space. Also, you have to tie in your decorating ideas with the canvas of the Inflatable.

Unfortunately, however, with the popularity of Inflatables as with anything, comes the inevitable increase in costs. These structures are not cheap to hire at all.

  • Typical prices start at £6,000 for 2 tents, enabling enough for 80 seated guests.
  • Comparing this cost to pop-up parties, we can offer the same space starting from £995.00.

It is a different experience from the Inflatable, and a number of the benefits are listed below.

  • It’s unique.  Every time we hear feedback, it’s the same.  I’ve never seen anything like this before, it’s so cool.
  • The white structures are a fantastic blank canvas for you to decorate how you wish. There are no worries about colour scheme clashes as anything you choose will go with the interior of the tent.
  • You will save a fortune on the normal tent hire, depending on your needs. The cost comparison is thousands of pounds cheaper than a typical Inflatable, that provides the same space.
  • Our tents light up! You can change the colours, to suit your theme, or have the change throughout the night or winter evenings.  The lights perform much better when it’s dark, giving you and your guests a reason to enjoy the dark winters or late summer evenings.

Everything a Inflatable can do our tents can do, the differences are in the look and price, and how quickly we can erect our tents.  It takes typically under 2 hours to install and have ready for your guests to dance the night away.

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