Best Gazebo Marquee Tents Hire for Garden Parties & More

Make your outdoor parties pop. Give your guests an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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The Best Party Gazebo Marquee Rental in the UK

Have your guests indulge in a garden party that they’ll remember forever. Don’t let the weather be a problem.

Popup Parties brings you marquee tent gazebos for hire. With our rental you get:

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Add-On Services


LED Dance Floor on Rent

Dance floors can help get the party started. With our 3D Full Colour Dance Floor, your guests will be amazed at the 3D infinity floor effect.

When they approach the floor, they will see what appears to be holes throughout the floor. It’s a talking point of the party. It looks stunning as well. With over 100 different settings, you can programme the floor to match your colour scheme or go full colour.


Unique Spin Booth

Photo booths are really cool, but spin booths are next level excitement. You and your guests can stand on a round platform, and a 360-degree camera shoots around, capturing the most amazing pictures.  

With golden confetti being thrown in the air, the camera captures your guests’ reactions from every angle.  Please see our video link to see this in action. (insert video link, to spin booth)


VIP Area

If you want to go for a touch of class, we have an entire VIP package for you. 

This package includes: 

  • A cordoned off area with a Red VIP barrier
  • A unique glass table that your extroverted guests may want to dance on
  • A luxury sofa

And we have a rose wall which is great for photo opportunities.

Set your Outdoor Parties a Class Apart

Outdoor parties are all the rage. But while guests love it, these are a bit of hassle, especially when it comes to the decor.

Our gazebo rental offers you:

Winter Garden Parties Are No Longer Cold

Winter garden parties are a rather overambitious idea.

No more!

Try a heated gazebo for hire.

Winter garden parties are going to be as fun as you like. We can heat up the gazebo up to your comfort.

Our marquees are:

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Popup Parties: Where we come from

Popup Parties UK marquee party tent rental is a breath of fresh air in the plain, mundane party tent scene. 

We’re not the first rental company, but we’re the best for sure. 

In our experience, the extra care and attention we take in setting up parties takes all the stress and worry away from the host(s), leaving them to get on and enjoy the party. 

Be it garden parties, weddings, summer shows, winter parties, festivals & fetes, we make it convenient and super impressive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, by definition, they’re different. Gazebos can typically be an extended part of a home structure while a marquee is meant for holding a large gathering of people, especially for a party or an event. 

By usage, however, these two terms can be, and are often used interchangeably. 

We have different options for you depending on whether they fit the garden you need the marquee for. We can help you with a free quote for the same. Click here for an estimate.

Yes, we do. We can arrange singers as well as dancers for you. We also have a saxophonist and an in-house DJ. Click here to explore all our services. 

Heated gazebos will be covered from all sides (except the entrance door and windows for visibility) so that the heat stays in. You can use any source of heating except for fire within these gazebos. There are specialised heaters for gazebos and marquees as well.

The cost of marquee rental includes 

  1. Transportation to the venue
  2. Installation (both to and from the venue)
  3. Heating arrangement (if opted for)
  4. Uninstallation

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Benefits of Heated Gazebos for Hire

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The Popup Parties Promise

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Our promise: 

Great fun on a budget. 

Popup Parties marquees are an absolutely plausible option when you need your event to be held outdoors but plain arrangements won’t do. We offer the best quality tents option at the best prices, so that you don’t have to sell an arm and a leg for an expensive outdoor party venue

And we’re more than happy to help you out if you have any doubts, confusion or questions at any point of time. One of us will make sure that you are served well at all times. 

For assistance, please call us at 0207 078 0814

We Do More than Gazebo Hire

When you go for a pop up gazebo hire, you are getting more than just a gazebo.

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We offer a no-hassle …. Step marquee tent hire process

You can also call us at 0207 078 0814 and we’ll take it from there.

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