Best Gazebo Marquee Tents Hire for Garden Parties & More

Make your outdoor parties pop. Give your guests an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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    Inflatable Igloo Hire in the UK

    Make your outdoor parties fun and exciting with awesome inflatable, waterproof igloo marquees. Give your guests a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We are here to make your outdoor garden parties pop like anything.

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      Inflatable Igloo Hire in the UK

      Bank on Popup Parties to help you in hosting the coolest party of all times. Our luxuriously appointed igloos are designed to create a stunning, cozy outdoor experience for you and your guests. 

      Add-On Services


      LED Dance Floor on Rent

      There is nothing better than LED dance floors to get the party started. With our 3D Full Color Dance Floor, your guests are sure to be dazzled by the 3D infinity floor effect.

      It looks stunning. With over 100 different settings, you can programme the floor to match your color scheme or go full color.


      Unique Spin Booth

      Spin booths are much more exciting than photo booths. You and your guests can stand on a round platform, and a 360-degree camera shoots around, capturing the most spectacular pictures.

      With golden confetti being thrown in the air, the camera captures your guests’ candidness from every angle.


      VIP Area

      If you are looking for a setting full of excitement with a touch of class, we have an entire VIP package for you.

      This package includes:

      • A cordoned off area with a Red VIP barrier
      • A unique glass table that your extroverted guests may want to dance on
      • A luxury sofa

      Fun & Exciting Outdoor Parties in the UK

      Make your outdoor parties a dazzling affair with our igloo tents. Have your guests indulge in a garden party that they’ll remember forever. Our inflatable igloo hire offers:

      Take your Outdoor Parties to the Next Level

      We have the most spectacular way to make your garden parties the talk of the town. Wow your guests with our range of dazzling inflatable igloo tents. With our rentals you get

      Popup Parties: Where we come from

      Popup Parties UK marquee party tent rental is a breath of fresh air in the plain, mundane party tent scene. 

      We’re not the first rental company, but we’re the best for sure. 

      In our experience, the extra care and attention we take in setting up parties takes all the stress and worry away from the host(s), leaving them to get on and enjoy the party. 

      Be it garden parties, weddings, summer shows, winter parties, festivals & fetes, we make it convenient and super impressive.

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        Popup Parties: Where we come from

        Popup Parties UK inflatable dome tent hire is a breath of fresh air in the plain, mundane party tent scene.

        We are not the first company to offer tent services, but you’ll find that we are surely the best.

        Our attention to detail and the dedication with which we serve our customers will allow you to host any party without any stress.

        No matter what event you are planning to host, we work towards making it unforgettable for your guests.

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          If you have an uneven surface where you want your igloo to go, count on us for an effective solution. Please make sure you mention this when you enquire about our services. 

          Our marquees have this impeccable lo9ok and feel that makes it an ideal venue for garden parties all year round including New Year and Christms parties. You can have the warmest parties in winters.

          If pipe-work or cabling is near the surface, damage is possible when we anchor the igloo using ground pegs. However, as we use a special cat scanner, we scan the area before inserting the stakes.  Make sure you tell us in advance if any water mains or electrical cabling are close to the ground, as a back up.

          The best bathing about our inflatable igloo hire is that you can get them tailored to fit perfectly with your event. If you are looking for a specific theme, our team of passionate party planners are more than happy to give you the most spectacular party of your life.

          The cost of marquee rental includes

          1. Transportation to the venue
          2. Installation (both to and from the venue)
          3. Heating arrangement (if opted for)
          4. Uninstallation

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          Reasons to Hire an Inflatable Igloo

          The Promise we Hold on to

          Our promise: 

          Great fun on a budget. 

          There is nothing better than Inflatable igloo marquees when you are looking for a plausible yet spectacular way to host outdoor parties.  Expect us to offer the best quality tents option at the best prices.

          And we’re more than happy to help you out if you have any doubts, confusion or questions at any point of time. One of us will make sure that you are served well at all times. 

          For assistance, please call us at 0207 078 0814

          We Do More than Inflatable Igloo Hire

          Once you get in touch with us, you get more than you’ve ever imagined. We offer:

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          We offer a no-hassle 3-Step inflatable igloo hire  process

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