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Why Hire a Party Marquee?

Host a nightclub experience with our portable, inflatable party marquee tent.

  • Accommodate upto 200 guests
  • Experience of a lifetime
  • 1500-watt speaker
  • All weather tents
  • 100 different combinations of lighting
  • Setting up within 6 hours
  • Pristine white facade
  • Booking at short notice
  • No mess

Our pricing is inclusive of Public Liability insurance, paperwork, installation and removal of the marquee tent.

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Add-On Services


LED Dance Floor on Rent

Dance floors can help get the party started. With our 3D Full Colour Dance Floor, your guests will be amazed at the 3D infinity floor effect.

When they approach the floor, they will see what appears to be holes throughout the floor. It’s a talking point of the party. It looks stunning as well. With over 100 different settings, you can programme the floor to match your colour scheme or go full colour.

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Unique Spin Booth

Photo booths are really cool, but spin booths are next level excitement. You and your guests can stand on a round platform, and a 360-degree camera shoots around, capturing the most amazing pictures.

With golden confetti being thrown in the air, the camera captures your guests’ reactions from every angle.  Please see our video link to see this in action. (insert video link, to spin booth)

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VIP Area

If you want to go for a touch of class, we have an entire VIP package for you.

This package includes:

  • A cordoned off area with a Red VIP barrier
  • A unique glass table that your extroverted guests may want to dance on
  • A luxury sofa
  • And we have a rose wall which is great for photo opportunities.

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Hire All-Weather Marquee Tents in London


We’ve got you covered whether it’s Summer, Winter, or Fall.

  • Heated – Our inflatable marquee tents are heated and have flaps on the openings to keep the cold out.
  • Hire any time – Available 12 months a year, hire marquee tents any weather.
  • Safety – Get Public Liability Insurance and necessary permits to pop up the tents, included in the price.

Our marquee tents are hassle and worry-free. Check out our other services for a complete party experience.

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Party Marquee for Hire - Installation Requirements

We only need a few things to pop up your marquee tent.

  • Many different sizes availble
  • A height of 4 metres
  • 1.2-metre access to the location
  • 2 power supplies
  • Soft ground to pitch tent
  • Hosepipe if installation is on concrete

We will give you a complete detailed guide to our marquee rentals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a marquee tent be a gazebo tent?

Yes. A gazebo is a fixed structure constructed with a triangular roof over pillars instead of walls. A marquee tent can be made to resemble a gazebo by giving it a triangular roof.

Our inflatable party marquee tents for hire resemble a gazebo that can pop up in a matter of a couple of hours.

Which tent is the best for me?

Choose the tentfor you according to your gathering size, as well as the space available to pop up the tent.

How many people can this tent accommodate?

Our party marquee tents on hire in London can accommodate up to 200 people. We accommodate instant bookings on short notice.

It is suitable for weddings, birthday parties, corporate parties, and get-togethers.

Is there a special permit needed to pitch a tent of this size?

No. All ourmarquee rentalprices include public liability insurance and permits. The pricing also includes both sides of transport, paperwork, installation, and removal.

How much in advance do I need to book your party marquee tent?

If the tent you hire is available, we can be ready for you in a day. We accommodate instant bookings if our tents are available.

We recommend that you call us at least a week in advance to plan the tent and the add-on services you may need.

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Amp Up The Happiness

Choose your interiors with our options for every occasion.

  • Furniture – Hire furniture with attractive lighting for your party.
  • LED floors – Get black and white floors that light up as the music plays.
  • Lit tents – Our white tents illuminate the lighting even more.
  • Servers – Hire shot girls/guys to make and serve your drinks.

Heated Marquee Tents

The perfect solution for partying in the winter – our heated party marquee tents.

  • Flaps that keep the cold out
  • Installed heaters for inside heating
  • Easy to connect to a power source
  • Easy on the pocket

The inflated tent walls keep the inside insulated from the cold for a longer time.


Inflatable Fun Marquee Tents for Hire

Our inflatable marquee tents are perfect for any occasion – weddings, birthdays, corporate parties, celebrations, and Halloween.

Accommodate upto 200 guests in our party marquee tent.

It takes less than 2 hours to pop up the tent and then less than 2 hours to remove it.


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Why Popup Parties?

Popup Parties


Hire our marquee tents for weddings. We will furnish it in white according to your wishes.

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Popup Parties


We can dress up our party marquee tent for hire with a Halloween get-up.

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Popup Parties


Throw a spectacular birthday party for children and adults alike with our special decorations.

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Popup Parties


Conduct get-togethers for corporate, friends, and family with suitable, supplementary services.

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Popup Parties


Our tent is suitable for any celebration. Just let us know your requirements in advance.

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Popup Parties

Corporate Outings

Get professional tents that can host corporate events of upto 200 guests.

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Why choose Popup Parties

Popup Parties has all-inclusive marquee tent packages with add-ons that you can choose to personalise your party.

Our packages are inclusive of :

  • Both side transport
  • Installation
  • Removal
  • Public liability insurance
  • Permits

Additional packages to personalise your party –

Nightclub packages VIP Lounge

Bar and Cocktail Tables Shot Girls and Guys Drinks

Popup Parties

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