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    Packaged Deals, Receive Significant Social Media Discounts, Request Your Quote Now, To See How Much You Can Save!

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      Start a party where you like it. Hire an inflatable tent and party away
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      6x6m Square Venue

       This venue is the smallest we supply, and it holds up to 50 standing guests. We need 900mm access to get this venue to your desired location. 

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      10x10m Square Venue

      If you want grand and sophisticated, our largest square venue is perfect. It holds up to 160 standing guests. 

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      10m Dome Venue

      If you want something a bit more quirky, our most popular Dome venue is perfect, and it holds up to 110 standing guests. 


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      Infinity View LED Dance Floor

      Why not add our one-of-a-kind LED 3D Dance floor? It’s far from anything your guests would’ve seen before. There are over 100 different lighting combinations for you and your guests to enjoy.
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      TikTok 360° Spin Booth

      You could show off your newly learnt TikTok dances on the dance floor or even on the 360 TikTok Spin booth. Much better than any ordinary photo booth, this spin booth spins…
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      VIP Package

      Maybe you want to be treated like the true VIP that you are, why not opt for our VIP package? This package would include an area cordoned off with high-quality rope…
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      LED Bar

      Truly create the nightclub experience by getting an eye-catching LED bar for your guests to get their drinks from. Have the option on one quarter of our LED.
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      LED Cocktail tables and 2 stools

      Matching with our LED bar, your guests can enjoy heir drinks whilst seated at the cocktail tables and matching stools that, hold the wow factor.
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      Shot Girls/ Guys

      To add a bit of sparkle to your event and remove the hassle of serving drinks in your VIP, why don’t you hire two shot girls or guys who will serve the vodka in your VIP bar and circulate..
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      We offer in-tent heaters to keep you and your guests enjoying your evening without worrying about the weather.
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      Media Board

      Our ‘Pop Up Parties’ media board, pairs up perfectly with our red carpet to complete your celebrity experience. You and your guests can walk the red carpet, with the media board…
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      Drink Package

      Complete your VIP package with a large bottle of Belvidere, shot glasses and bottles of tequila. Presented in our LED ice bucket. This package includes mixers and tequila shot glasses…
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      Balloon Package

      Why not add on our balloon package for your VIP area? Our balloon display contains Jumbo Orbs. These have a mirror like effect, making them a perfect photo opportunity and popular…
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      Greeting Board

      Why not opt for your very own personalised welcome sign to place outside the front of your tent. With your print placed in a luxury antique frame, your quests will be welcomed…
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      Hardwood Flooring & Red Carpet

      Why not transform your garden into a VIP nightclub? We place hardwood flooring down and place our red carpet on top. This creates
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      You can’t have a party without music. Hiring our sound system is a must if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of setting up your own. We can install a 4,000- 1,500 watt speaker that hooks…


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      Make Garden Parties Pop up with Inflatable Party Tents

      No matter if it’s a kids’ party or that new year party you have been wanting to host, our inflatable party tent is the just the thing you need.

      The Nightclub Experience Anywhere you want

      No more waiting and shelling a fortune on booking a nightclub. Simply get an inflatable bubble tent for hire.
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      Popup Parties Inflatable Tents Are All about Great Parties
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      Dance floor rental in the UK can be quite bland as there doesn’t appear to be much choice in the market.

      If you are interested in black and white dance floors, then there are plenty of options. If you absolutely want to wow your guests, with the most stunning dance floor rental you can think of, then there is only one company available to provide you with what you need.

      Pop up parties have the most amazing black glass dance floor.
      Our standard size holds up to 30 dancers, which is plenty for 100 guests. Its sleek black mirror dance floor is stunning.

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