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Best Outdoor Party Event Tents & Popup Rentals

So you are looking to host a party outdoors, thinking of what type of venue you should choose for this party.  Christmas party for the office perhaps, Halloween party, the start of summer party? It doesn’t really matter, as a party is a party and you probably want it to go perfectly, so you are […]

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Party Tent Rentals Uk – Hire for Outdoor Events

Hiring a party tent might sound too daunting for your next party, but there is no need to panic.  Party tent rental is far more straightforward than you would imagine. Well, that’s if you choose pop-up parties to host your event, as no outdoor party event is complete without pop-up parties. We can take care […]

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Teepee Tents for Hire for Parties in the Uk

Teepee tents continue to gain popularity. The massive structure of a teepee tent is excellent for parties, the most popular being big birthdays and weddings. People tend to consider hiring a teepee tent, as they want something outdoors and want to be that tiny bit different for their big event. They are looking to alternatives […]

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Why Pop- Up Party Tents For Hire are Awesome

Pop-up tents are an excellent way for you to host your next event as they are innovating, cool to look at and so quick to install.   They are quickly becoming the go to structure for parties and events. If you have a pop-up tent at your event, expect to be the talk of the […]

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Great Reasons To Hire A Gazebo Party Tent Today

Gazebo party tent hire has never been more credible than it is today. With the advent of festival fever and outdoor weddings, now is the time to jump on the bandwagon. So why would you want to hire a gazebo tent?  These great reasons to hire a gazebo party tent should be all you need […]

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Garden Marquee Party Tent For Hire For Your Next Big Event

Be the talk of your neighbourhood amongst all your friends, host the best party in the world! Don’t spend thousands of pounds on a typical marquee party tent. If you hire a pop-up tent from pop-up parties, this will help keep the costs down, as we are cheaper than typical marquee hire. This leaves much […]

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Luxury Tent Rental – Check Out These Pop Up Tent Options

Luxury tent hire has never been more popular than it is now.  From large teepees to bell tents, even marquee hire is seeing a revival, but nothing is more impressive for your event than luxury tents. When you think of luxury, your first thought quite possibly isn’t a luxury tent! But I’m sure when you […]

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Dance Floor Rental: Pop- Up Tent Parties For Your Next Dance Party

Dance floor rental in the UK can be quite bland as there doesn’t appear to be much choice in the market.  If you are interested in dull, black and white dance floors, then there are plenty of options. If you are looking for something that sparkles a bit, then there are, undoubtedly, only a few […]

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Event Tent Rentals For for Your Next Epic Party

Event tent rental for your next party – it’s without question, the easiest way for you to sit back and enjoy your event.  Stress-free events with pop up parties as we will take care of absolutely everything for you. All you need to do is bring along the guests! Tents and events are our business. […]

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Big Tent Hire For Large Groups At A Fraction Of The Cost

Looking for somewhere to hold your private event can be extremely daunting. Firstly you have to work out a central location for all your guests. Typically, luck is not on your side either, as finding a venue that is central to everyone becomes an almost impossible task. The frustrating part is usually you are located […]

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