pop-up tents are an excellent way for you to host your next event as they are innovating, cool to look at and so quick to install.   They are quickly becoming the go to structure for parties and events.

If you have a pop-up tent at your event, expect to be the talk of the town for all the right reasons.  As hosting a good party is synonymous with wanting to please your guests and them being satisfied that you’ve thrown the best party, then a pop-up tent is most certainly the way to go.

As our structures really do pop up in minutes, you are left with far more time to spend on decoration and preparing for your big event.

Another plus point with pop-up tents is that your premises are not overrun with a crew installing the structure for 2/3 days before the event and then 2/3 days after the event. As the name suggests, we pop them up and then pop them down again, all within a couple of hours each way.

All we need for floor space, for our standard structure is eight metres by ten metres, with nothing overhead, as our tents are tall, going up to an impressive four metres high.

With its quilted outer shell, the tent looks very impressive from up close and afar. All our tents are white and look stunning when they are up.

They come with internal lighting, which you can set on a static colour or have them change throughout your event.

In the summer, if it gets too hot, we have vents to allow air to pass through, as well as windows that come off, allowing a large amount of naturally flowing air into the tent.  In the winter, we can close up the tent, and keep natural heat in, or add a heater into the tent, creating as much warmth as you desire.

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